Vol 22, No 1 (2009): The National Black Law Journal, Fall 2009

Table of Contents


Essay: Barack Obama, “Post-Raciality” and Mythic-Rhetorical Regime Change PDF
David D. Troutt
Can We Talk? How Triggers for Unconscious Racism Strengthen the Importance of Dialogue PDF
Adjoa Artis Aiyetoro
Although Risky After Ricci and Parents Involved, Benign Race-Conscious Action Is Often Necessary PDF
Ivan E. Bodensteiner
Cherokee By Blood and the Freedmen Debate: The Conflict of Minority Group Rights in a Liberal State PDF
Jessica Jones
This edition of the National Black Law Journal contains the following contributions to the discourse of race and the law:

It begins with an essay from Professor David Trout discussing President Obama and notions of post-raciality.

We then present two articles from Professors Adjoa Aiyetoro and Ivan Bodensteiner. Professor Aiyetoro's article discusses the Rules of Ethics, the phenomenon of unconscious racism and the impact that these factors have had on African American practitioners. Professor Bodensteiner's article analyses the continuing importance of benign race-conscious practices after the Supreme Court's decision in Ricci v. DeStefano.

Finally, this edition concludes with a student note from Jessica Jones of Columbia Law School. Ms. Jones' contribution provides us with a vivid analysis of the Cherokee Nation and the struggle for minority rights.